Compressed: Kim Pimmel

Curator: Jonnie Hallman
date: January 24, 2012
Categories: Motion Graphics
Tags: Film, macro, Photography, video
Sol (Photo: Kim Pimmel)

Compressed is an ongoing film series by Kim Pimmel that will blow your mind. At first, you’d think it’s just an animation rendered in a 3D program, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Kim creates these worlds off the computer, using a combination of liquids and magnets. He photographs each frame, controlling the camera with a number of homemade electronics. The images are completely raw aside from a bit of color correction.

Compressed makes me second guess the medium over and over again. I’m dumbfounded as to how Kim could manipulate the substances and make it feel like he has complete control. From start to finish, I’m holding my jaw and trying desperately to understand how he did it.

Nebula (Photo: Kim Pimmel)

Blobby Friends (Photo: Kim Pimmel)

Compressed 01 (Video: Kim Pimmel)

Compressed 02 (Video: Kim Pimmel)

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