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Curator: Daniel Savage
date: January 16, 2013
Categories: Advertising
Tags: contact, dark igloo, video games
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DARK IGLOO is a company that specializes. Founded by recent YGX winners Dave Franzese and Mark Miller, it should, without a doubt, be on your radar. Their art direction skills will draw you in, and their sense of humor will keep you clicking “refresh” on their blog.

All of the sections in their recent portfolio update, from the montage on the home page with unexpected cut scenes and outtakes to the store featuring items such as the Coors Light Beer Wolf for only 75 American dollars, are simply hilarious. But the section that everyone is talking about is when they try to send an email. Instead of the typical contact page, users are taken to a Rad Racer–style game. With a midi version of “Roxanne” as the soundtrack, the envelope races down the track at a top speed of 420 mph and crosses the finish line to a ridiculous landing page of contact options. 

Most pose the obvious question: Will this prevent new business from contacting them? One video game fan on reddit jokes, “If you’ve contacted them before, you can press ‘circle’, then ‘down’, then ‘x’, this brings up the map. At that point, you can move the pointer to the location of interest. Press ‘x’, then select ‘fast travel’.” But not to worry; their email can be found at the bottom of the home page if you don’t have time to play games. But what fun is that?

Racing envelope

Landing page with contact details

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