Core77 Design Award Trophy: Rich Brilliant Willing

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date: October 27, 2011
Categories: Packaging Design
Tags: Award, Core 77, Rich Brillian WIlling
Courtesy of Core77
Multiple blocks

Usually behind any great project are many forward-thinking minds, yet most design awards typically go to the face/head of the studio or are stored at the office, or even worse, the client takes them!

Well New York–based design studio Rich Brilliant Willing have created an awesome solution for Core77’s design award winners: an aluminum mold that can issue endless copies of the same form so no one gets left out.

It’s a brick-shaped aluminum mold that can be used to cast as many awards as the winners please. They can issue copies to their colleagues and their clients and in the material of their choosing. Core77 used melted crayons in the shots here, but pretty much anything that can be melted in a standard oven is good to go.

Courtesy of Core77
Back of mold

Courtesy of Core77
Front of mold

Courtesy of Core77
Making the trophy

Courtesy of Core77

It’s difficult not to be impressed with this result. RBW envisioned an award that allows winners to share the love and share credit where it’s due within an easy DIY process.

For a first test, C77 used unwrapped orange crayons, which resulted in such a spectacular outcome that they decided to include a supply of crayons with each trophy. Lovely.
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