Cover of the CR Logo Issue: Alex Trochut

Curator: Matteo Bologna
date: June 13, 2012
Categories: Entertainment Design, Illustration
Tags: Logos, Woolmark

A cover designed by an illustrator for an issue about logotypes!!??

That idea would be bonkers if the illustrator were anyone but Alex Trochut, the Spanish artist whose oeuvres do not distinguish between design and illustration. 

Creative Review (the british design and advertising magazine) hired him to illustrate its issue featuring the Top 20 logos of all time

The result is a visual quote of one of the most famous logos in the history of design. The logo, made in 1963 for the International Wool Secretariat is credited to an Italian designer called Francesco Saroglia (or, according to other sources, his contemporary Franco Grignani—a mystery still surrounds the attribution). 

Woolmark Logo

Nevertheless, the logo is one of the most celebrated in the history of graphic design, and Alex somehow captured its soul while using completely new forms with the elegance of a design master. Or is it an illustration master?
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