Agnieszka Gasparka

Agnieszka Gasparska is the founder and creative director of the New York City–based design firm Kiss Me I’m Polish. Since 2003, Kiss Me I’m Polish has collaborated with clients large and small on a wide variety of projects for digital media and print. With a focus on branding, editorial and interactive design, some of the studio’s recent clients have included The Atlantic, Design Trust for Public Space, The Museum of Modern Art, National Geographic and W. W. Norton. A graduate of The Cooper Union, Agnieszka is fascinated by the intersection of science and art, and the juxtaposition of the analytical and the visceral, the rigid and the organic. The playful balancing of these polarities is often a common thread in the studio’s multidisciplinary projects. And just for fun—just before the holidays—Kiss Me I’m Polish unveiled another kind of playful undertaking: the Itty Bitty Project, a crafty line of tees for toddlers. Handmade at the studio, shipped to you and assembled by your little one.

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