Josh W Higgins

Josh W Higgins is a creative who works across multiple mediums including digital, print, apparel, packaging, identity, broadcast and environmental design, creating consistent experiences between brands and consumers. For more than 13 years, he’s been refining the art of connecting brands to people with a concept-driven visual style that has earned him national honors. 

Josh recently concluded his role as design director for President Obama’s 2012 campaign, where he built and led the design team for the historic 2012 political campaign in which the web, design, and technology all played a pivotal role. 

With roots in both advertising and graphic design, Higgins has done extensive work for brands including Fender Guitars, the Tony Hawk Foundation, HP, ASICS Footwear, CBS Radio, Perry Ellis International, IHOP, Newcastle Beer, P.F. Chang’s, Yamaha and Life Technologies. 

Josh dedicates a percentage of his time to social causes. Finding creative ways to support them has manifested in successful exhibits and charitable projects like The Hurricane, So-Cal and Haiti Poster Projects, and various lecture series with photographers, designers and filmmakers.

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