Josh Silverman

Josh builds teams that build brands.

As president and agent of perspective at Schwadesign, Inc., for 15 years he has curated, inspired and managed teams of individuals, investing in local start-ups, scaling up regional non-profits and partnering with Fortune 500 global leaders to help clients sharpen their stories. 

With award-winning experience creating beautiful, purposeful programs across media, function, industry, time and space, Josh constantly considers the big picture but also has a deep appreciation for details. Results from these campaigns have been recognized most importantly by each client’s end-user, and also by The Wall Street Journal, REBRAND, AIGA Boston’s “BoNE” show, Print and others.

He earned a B.A. in media studies from Ithaca College, attended Yale School of Management’s “Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders,” is an adjunct at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, and he has taught and guest lectured at RISDMassachusetts College of Art and Design and elsewhere. He is President Emeritus and co-founder of the Rhode Island chapter of AIGA, has twice served on the AIGA national board nominating committee and is also an AIGA Centennial co-chair, preparing to mark the 100th anniversary of the organization in 2014. 

When he’s not turning “what if?” questions into ways to make the world a better place, he’s mixing tunes as his alter ego, DJ Dijon.

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