Adam Wong

Adam Wong (黃華清) is a publisher and creative director of He has years of experiences in multidisciplinary practice, and he is also a graphic designer, art director and magazine editor-in-chief.

In 2004, Adam founded, which gradually evolved into one of the most popular professional websites for artist and designers in the creative industry in China. AD110 is known for sharing resources of creativity, art, design and advertising in China. At the London AGI Open 2013, was hailed as one of the 10 major portals for designers to keep up with AGI. 

As the editor-in-chief of, Adam started publishing branding design yearbook Brand! in 2007. The readership of Brand! includes more than 1.4 million people from more than 60 countries and regions. Brand! has covered interviews with renowned design agents like Interbrand, Landor, Lippincott, Ogilvy & Mather, W+K, Base, DRAFT, Moving Brands, Duffy & Partners, KMS TEAM, etc. 

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