Eike Koenig

Eike König is the creator of Hort, a small graphic design studio made up of a mixed bag of uniquely selected, creative and spirited people. Throughout its existence, Hort has been a constant pioneer in re-inventing the visual language of contemporary graphic design. Whether it is a poster for a theatre company, emotional imagery to promote a campaign, designing and programming a complex website or visually articulating a magazine article, Hort gets a lot of joy out of learning about new things and people and what the firm can offer through its experience and knowledge. What Hort does is all accomplished by developing visual systems that aid in the usability and communication of image and brands. The visual systems Hort creates can be found in the form of print, motion, web and space.When away from his Humble Hort Hub, Eike takes on the role of mentor. He is a professor for graphic design / illustration at the Offenbach University of Arts. He has led numerous creative workshops locally and internationally. His knowledge and experience has taken him as far as South America and Australia, sharing his stories to different audiences at acclaimed design conferences.(Photo: Eike König © 2010 by Marc Eckardt)

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