Curtain Call: Ron Arad

Curator: Tali Krakowsky
date: September 21, 2011
Categories: Environmental Design, Experience Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: art, immersive, installation

On August 9, 2011, in the city of London, Ron Arad revealed a new media installation at the Roundhouse. Curtain Call, constructed out of 5,600 silicon rods, is an immersive digital theater in the round that invites Arad’s favorite artists to contribute live performances and interactive installations of visuals and sound to this dynamic canvas. The artists include Babis Alexiadis, Hussein Chalayan, Mat Collishaw, Ori Gersht, Greenaway & Greenaway, Christian Marclay, Javier Mariscal, SDNA and David Shrigley.

I love this project because it serves as empirical proof that architects are starting to think of media as a material with which to build, and designers are becoming liberated from the strange conventions that content need always be flat and rectangular. Here the architecture is the interface, and the content is created in 360 degrees. This isn’t just a bigger TV or a game in the round. This type or building requires a paradigm shift in the way we think about storytelling and experience—how content is mapped; how it unfolds over time; how it feels, sounds and smells; and how it changes over time. That’s design with an impact.

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