Day One: Paul Mayne

Curator: Jonnie Hallman
date: January 23, 2012
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: App, desktop, mobile, UI, ux
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Day One is a journaling app for those who don’t have time to maintain a journal. In a matter of seconds, you can write an entry and get back to making awesome stuff.

When buying my Mac, if I had to select five apps to be in my circle of friends, Day One would definitely make the cut. It’s one of those very few apps that I have absolutely nothing to complain about—which is a rarity these days. The beauty is that it doesn’t get in your way.

Day One lets you write a new entry from three different places—the menu bar, desktop app and mobile app. These cater to a wide range of users. I post from the menu bar the most because my entries are typically one-liners that are very tweet-like. On the reverse end, the desktop app provides a much larger writing environment, for those thoughtful “Dear Diary” posts.

Regarding Day One’s UI, I am so glad its designer, Paul Mayne, didn’t butcher the app with too much skeuomorphism, trying to make it look like a Field Notes book or something. The textures and gradients are so subtle and the colors match so well that I feel at peace when writing—how it should be. On mobile, in the land of gloss, Day One proves that matte can still work—buttons don’t need to look tangible for users to tap them.

Through countless attempts at starting a journal, always with good intentions, Day One is the only journal I continued using after a week.

Screenshot of the menu bar app

Screenshot of the mobile app

Screenshot of the desktop app

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