Elevation Dock: Casey Hopkins

Curator: Jonnie Hallman
date: January 25, 2012
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: industrial design
Elevation Dock (Photo: Casey Hopkins)

I love when someone introduces a solution to a problem extremely late to the game, but theirs is so well designed that it makes the rest look like a joke. That’s exactly what Casey Hopkins did with his Elevation Dock, which reached its Kickstarter goal in a record 24 hours.

As a lover of aluminum, the Elevation Dock is just beautiful. I can almost feel the weight from the photos. You would think that an entire team at Apple is responsible for this, but the fact that it comes from one guy in Portland makes me smile.

What interests me about the Elevation Dock is that it’s just a dock—something so simple and ordinary that you wouldn’t think would cause a stir, but it has. Because of its perfect blend of form and functionality, the Elevation Dock makes an iPhone charger something to ooo and ahh about—much like Dyson’s fan.

The funny part is that, at this moment, the Elevation Dock is just a few prototypes on Casey Hopkins’s desk. However, in a month, it will be in the hands of those who backed it on Kickstarter. I don’t have to tell you how excited I am for this dock—it’s borderline embarrassing.

Prototype (Photo: Casey Hopkins)

Comparison (Photo: Casey Hopkins)

Face time (Photo: Casey Hopkins)

Elevation Dock+ (Photo: Casey Hopkins)

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