Enchanted Forest: Psyop

Curator: Diana Hong
date: December 12, 2011
Categories: Corporate Communications Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics

The folks at Psyop—the creative minds behind Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Factory” commercial—revisit the fairy tale CG fantasy world, this time for Fedex, in “Enchanted Forest.”

Taking cues from Pan’s Labyrinth and Grimm’s fairy tales, Psyop brings to life a surreal, whimsical, beautiful forest. The stunning still images shown here reveal the meticulous attention to detail by the design team.

From Psyop:

We wanted to create a world that is surreal, sophisticated and cinematic where the forest is practical with a blend of CG enchantments. Our desire was to have a poetic interpretation of an idealized forest where everything is alive and has a soul to tell our story of FedEx’s eco-friendly solutions. For this fairy tale, we wanted to create depth and mystery with stylized characters and unique magical vegetation to blend them into this weird hybrid world.

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