Experience Human Flight Skydiving Video: Betty Wants In

Curator: JaegerSloan Inc
date: December 1, 2011
Categories: Motion Graphics
Tags: BettyWantsIn, GoPro, skydiving
Experience Human Flight (Starring Ossie Khan, Fred Fugen and Vince Refett; produced by Betty Wants In; in association with Melbourne Skydive Centre; shot on a GoPro; music by Alex Khaskin, “She Is”)

Betty Wants In, a Melbourne-based design studio, created a short film for Melbourne Skydiving that poetically captures the feeling of human flight. Using Twixtor’ed high-speed footage from GoPro cameras, the filmmakers take us far above the earth for a taste of the magic that is free fall.

Among the skydivers in the film are five-time world champions Fred Fugen and Vince Reffett from Soul Flyers, who were invited to Melbourne to coach some of Australia’s leading skydiver talent. Not necessarily your average skydive, but that’s part of what makes this film so special.

We love the simplicity, and how Betty Wants In's approach takes a windy, violent and adrenaline-filled activity and suspends it for a completely new perspective. An expression of the spiritual and ethereal nature of skydiving, rather than a raw documentation of the physical experience, each shot leaves a haunting impression. 

We've been seeing more and more footage that expands on the capabilities of the GoPro camera with the AfterEffects plug-in Twixtor, and have had some fun playing with it ourselves. This combination of hardware and software produces a look that's similar to the RED or the incredible Phantom cameras that can create extreme slow motion footage, while going places that those higher-end cameras generally cannot.

Skydiving world champions in flight

No shortage of camera gear on these guys

Up or down?

Check out more work from Betty Wants In on their website, including their follow-up film Experience Zero Gravity. And if you happen to be in Melbourne, experience human flight for yourself.
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