Feixen's '60s-Inspired Posters for Swiss Arts Center Südpol

Curator: Karan Singh
date: August 28, 2014
Categories: Advertising, Illustration, Poster Design
Tags: advertising, graphic design, Poster Design
Felix Pfäffli

Feixen, aka Felix Pfäffli, has to be one of my favorite contemporary poster designers. His bold and minimal work is reminiscent of '60s advertising: loud and confident, yet reductive. I’m especially envious of his series of posters for Südpol, an arts center based in Kriens, Switzerland.

The series is a testament to Pfäffli’s evolutionary style, each being executed differently, yet altogether feeling like a cohesive set. The posters also demonstrate a certain confidence in Südpol’s branding: visible but not overpowering and adaptable to each execution. Also: awesome. 

Felix Pfäffli

Felix Pfäffli

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