Curator: Jamin Hegeman
date: March 1, 2013
Categories: Illustration
Tags: drawing, flowpaper
Character drawings using Flowpaper

I like to think of iPad drawing apps like the various physical drawing tools. Just as an HB pencil responds differently than a piece of graphite, so it is with different apps. While many drawing apps try to replicate these physical tools, Flowpaper embraces the digital medium with physics based drawing.

While it may have been intended for abstract visualizations, I’ve used it for character drawings to achieve some unique results. And others have clearly stretched the functionality to produce some very compelling pieces, as you can see below. 

I definitely recommend adding this app to your digital drawing toolbox. For less than a pen at an art store, it’s worth picking up.

Flowpaper example #1

Flowpaper example #2

Flowpaper example #3

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