‘Ghostpoet’ uses skin biopsy to create album artwork

Curator: Heydays
date: May 20, 2015
Categories: Art, Design in Music, Packaging Design
Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin (Behind The Artwork)

"Shedding Skin" is the third studio album from London’s Obaro Ejimiwe, aka Ghostpoet. For his new album cover, Obaro (A.K.A. Ghostpoet), collaborated with researchers at UCL to utilise a skin biopsy as the key visual element for the artwork. The result is mesmerising visual graphics, 100% personal and unfiltered.

  • Georgi Holley

    The connection between art, design, and biology is often lost on people, so I’m always glad to see the collaboration happening!

  • https://writemypaper4me.org/blog/nature-vs-nurture-essay John Beli

    Nice album. Where I can find more information about it?

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