Gig Posters: Dirk Fowler

Curator: Caleb Bennett
date: May 14, 2013
Categories: Illustration, Typography
Loretta Lynn concert poster

I have to admit a slight bias with this one due to the fact that he was my college professor, but Dirk Fowler’s simplicity and wit continues to amaze and inspire me. His knack for combining separate but familiar images in new ways often seems effortless. As a result, his limited edition concert posters for the likes of Wilco and Loretta Lynn have since become collectors items (along with many others).

Fowler combines traditional letterpress methods with many of his own techniques such as hand-cutting designs from gasket rubber and printing directly from a variety of objects like vinyl records and film slides that can be rigged into his press. Amidst the increased movement to bring letterpress back into modern day production methods, his approach has allowed him to create a unique style over the past decade. And he does it all from the comfort of his home in Lubbock, Texas.

You can read a more in depth interview I conducted with him last fall for The New York Times Magazine’s 6th Floor Blog. 

To see additional examples of his work, visit his website. Below are a few of my favorites.

Hella concert poster

Various Dirk Fowler posters

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