Give A Shave: Harry’s

Curator: Rachel Martin
date: May 8, 2013
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Packaging Design, Typography
Tags: art of shaving, branding, community, culture, Design, Design Thinking, Environment, giving back, industrial design, innovation, Packaging, paperboard, product design, razors, shaving, social design, social responsibility, sustainability, sustainable design, The Living Principles
Harry’s razors, designed by Prime Studio and Partners & Spade

I was listening to NPR when I heard about Warby Parker co-founder Jeffrey Raider launching his second startup, called Harry’s. Since Warby Parker has been a model of doing good and being socially responsible, I was eager to hear more about Harry’s. During the interview, Mr. Raider spoke about paying over $20 for a small pack of razors and questioned why an everyday product should cost so much. From there, Harry’s was born. The company designs, manufactures and distributes its products itself, essentially creating its own unique supply chain. By doing this, the company is able to offer a higher-quality product at a lower price.

I think they’ve done an outstanding job on the overall brand and tone done by Partners & Spade, which portrays a fresh boutique and high-end shaving experience (but for a fraction of the cost). I’m impressed by the very simple, minimal and clean paperboard packaging, German engineered blade and gorgeously designed handles inspired by old pens and knives (by industrial firm Prime Studio)—with familiar names like “The Winston” and “The Truman”—along with the friendly and intuitive website. The complete brand is sophisticated yet approachable. And what’s even better, for every blade sold, Harry’s donates another, or its equivalent dollar value, to an organization that “helps guys look and feel their best.”

Harry’s products, along with their business model, are reflected in The Living Principles for Design. I don’t think the founders of Harry’s had intentionally sought out the framework, but it’s nice to see that their company is synthesizing the four streams of sustainability—environment, people, economy and culture—to create a new standard and model for business.

Harry’s branding by Partners & Spade

Harry’s razor packaging by Partners & Spade

Harry’s “The Truman” set

Harry’s blades

Harry’s website

Harry’s website

Harry’s website

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