Granimator: ustwo

Curator: Jessica Walsh
date: January 18, 2012
Categories: Entertainment Design, Illustration
Tags: Designers, illustration, ipad, iPhone
Granimator app

Granimator is a creative image maker for the iPad and iPhone by ustwo. As the user, you select an “artist pack” that features a number of graphic elements to choose from. Then you can customize the colors, sizes, rotation and positioning of the elements with your fingers to design custom wallpapers for your mobile devices.

The app is intuitively designed, fun to play with and features a curated selection of top illustrators and designers. A few of the artists involved include James Joyce, Airside, Non-Format, Sawdust, Buro Destruct and Mike Perry

Granimator featuring Rob Bailey

Granimator featuring Jules Julien

Granimator featuring Non-Format

Granimator featuring Sawdust

“What is Granimator™ ? This is Granimator™” video

The video above demonstrates how Granimator works, but it’s pretty simple. Download it here and start playing with it yourself.
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