Hacking Facebook’s Campus: Ben Barry

Curator: Tina Hardison
date: September 6, 2012
Categories: Environmental Design, Experience Design, Typography
Tags: Environmental Design, Facebook Design, Typography
HACK lettering by Ben Barry; courtyard design by CMG: Landscape Architecture (Photo: Paul Mayne)

When Facebook moved to their new campus in Menlo Park this year, Facebook designer Ben Barry saw it as a blank canvas. Co-creator of the Analog Research Lab, Ben has made it his mission to “hack” the Facebook campus and make it into a facility that drives creativity. 

Installing hand-printed posters all over the company’s walls is one kind of awesome, but pouring two-toned concrete typography that spells “HACK” in the central courtyard is a super kind of awesome. I’m almost more envious of the birds that get to fly past this every day.

HACK lettering, concrete pouring process

HACK lettering, concrete pouring process

Ben Barry and Everett Katigbak in Facebook’s Analog Research Laboratory (Photo: Jesse Chehak)

  • Milk Mayo

    So… could you spare maybe 10 more minutes to complete this article and explain what this has to do with making the Facebook campus into a facility that drives creativity? You basically just wrote a long caption to 4 photos. You obviously know more about this project than I do… From this article, all I see is a guy who works for Facebook that got permission to pour “HACK” in concrete. What did that accomplish? I have no idea because you left that part out.

    Seriously… finish the damn article. :)

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