Hand-drawn Animation for New NoizBoiz and Ronnie Flex Music Video

Curator: Jennette Snape
date: August 5, 2014
Categories: Design in Music, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Typography
Tags: animation, motion graphics, music
Animation by Felix Spanjaard

Rotterdam-based NoizBoiz are known as pioneers in the field of UK-sounds like dubstep and grime. The music video for this song (with a guest contribution by Dutch hiphop artist Ronnie Flex) features hand-drawn animation by Felix Spanjaard that extends the storytelling layer of NoizBoiz's unique Dutch grime style.

Music by NoizBoiz and Ronnie Flex; Video by Venour; Animation by Felix Spanjaard

For the music video NoizBoiz worked together with animator Felix Spanjaard and producers Venour. Released by Dutch hiphop/house label, Nouveau Riche

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