Curator: Brian Mah
date: June 17, 2014
Categories: Book & Magazine Design

#SANDY is a book which curates a collection of established photographers work around the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. 

My cousin, Wyatt Gallery, is often inspiring me. Not only is he a very talented photographer, but he continually uses his work to help others in need. He travels all over the world, often to shoot and promote awareness about the aftermath of natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, etc.) The way he captures the humanity and tragedy of these situations feels very beautiful, intimate, and emotionally evocative to me. Last year, he has helped create this book comprised of iPhone photographs that a series of established photographers shot of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. To be honest, at first I was uncertain of the conceptual validity of the iPhone as a photographic medium, but he explained that thru Instagram, this group of artists were able to have direct contact with their audience, publishing work in real time, and eliciting immediate questions about how their followers could help support these vulnerable communities.

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