Curator: Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim
date: July 15, 2011
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: Travel, Web

So often, people don’t need more choices, we need fewer. When we need to book travel, we just want to do it without headaches. Hipmunk does a good job sorting this out, and is definitely one of the best sites we’ve seen in a while. 

Where Kayak failed (creating more of everything didn’t make things easier; it just made more), Hipmunk succeeds. The site gives you just what you need, just what you want, and nothing else. 

Hipmunk aggregates all available flights with the specifications you’ve given it in an ultra-simple graph: price against time. Looking (as we recently were) for flights from Grand Rapids to Atlanta? You can quickly see that there are only three non-stop options, only available on Delta. Then you can filter by price, flight duration, number of stops, or “agony” (a wonderful combination of all of these factors). 

Check a box for non-stop. Drag lines to define your timeframe. Save multiple searches in tabs to quickly access them later. Amazing. Makes you wonder if the same kind of logic could be applied to airlines generally…

Anyway, the best feature is that you can see the results in real time. No big page reloads. No jumping from site to site. No ads for vacations to Cancun (at least not yet). Just the facts in a simple, interactive graph. Yay! 

We’re not sure what the name’s about, but we remembered it. The logo and chipmunk mascot needs a little help, too, but that “Sort by Agony” feature alone is worth a visit.
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