IL Magazine: Francesco Franchi

Curator: Andreas Markdalen
date: July 25, 2012
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Illustration, Information Design, Typography
Tags: data visualization, editorial, Francesco Franchi, graphic design, IL magazine, illustration
Francesco Franchi, IL magazine cover, April 2012

Francesco Franchi lives and works in Milan, Italy, where I also happen to live and work. I’ve followed his work for a while and would argue he’s an individual/designer with a truly original and significant voice in the world of editorial graphic design. 

Bridging different traditional styles and genres of graphic design with highly intimate and personal illustration and data visualization, he’s made IL magazine a constant source of inspiration and a point of reference for the rest of us, within and outside of Italy. 

Francesco Franchi, IL magazine cover, March 2012

Francesco Franchi, IL magazine cover, December 2011

Francesco Franchi, IL magazine cover, January 2012

His works is based around a true understanding of visual storytelling and soulful craftsmanship. I envy his ability to tell stories through what is essentially a very personal style of design and illustration. 

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