Infinite City Cinema Map: Lia Tjandra

Curator: Peter Merholz
date: July 21, 2011
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Information Design
Tags: Cinema, hitchcock, movie theaters, muybridge, san francisco, vertigo
Photo by Peter Merholz
Cinema Map, showing Eadweard Muybridge's legacy, locations from Hitchcock's Vertigo, and movie theaters past and present

Rebecca Solnit is an uncommon author, and Infinite City is an uncommon book. The book is built around a series of idiosyncratic maps of San Francisco, each of which explores an aspect of the city and its history. The book's gorgeous design is courtesy of UC Press Art Director Lia Tjandra.

As a movie lover who had many formative cinema experiences in San Francisco, the map that most spoke to me is the Cinema Map, which overlays three distinct sets of data:

1.) The history of Eadweard Muybridge's development of what would become motion pictures

2.) The settings for key scenes of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

3.) The location of every movie theater in 1960, and which remain (in green) and which have been closed (in red)

Photo by Peter Merholz
Infinite City, a book by Rebecca Solnit (cartographers: Ben Pease and Shizue Seigel; designer: Lia Tjandra)

Photo by Peter Merholz
Cinema Map (detail)

It's a stark visualization of the role San Francisco has played in the development and history of cinema, and the decline of movie houses. It's beautifully wondered and delightful to pore over.
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