Infographics in Context: Peter Ørntoft

Curator: Column Five
date: November 25, 2011
Categories: Information Design

While this project has been covered by many, I can’t help but consider it when I’m asked to think of projects I wish I would have done—or at least been a part of. I have seen a number of projects similar to this lately, but none that were executed so well, or so originally, as Peter Ørntoft’s.  It’s inspiring to see this level of creativity and originality, especially on a school project level. This is what every student wants to do, what every professor expects from their students and what every design shop looks for when recruiting new talent.

To house the 10-piece set of contextualized infographics, Ørntoft uses a “statistical yearbook” as his platform. These graphics—each impressive as stand-alone storytelling devices—are solid in both concept and composition. The graphics cover broad topics from gang violence to religious garments, and how they relate to Denmark. What’s really effective about each one is that the reader can tell what the graphic is about at first glance. Additionally, the photographs are beautiful, and the data is interesting.

Degree project - The Danish Design School 2010
More of Ørntoft’s work can be found here.

—Josh Ritchie
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