Irritable Bowl Syndrome: Fraser Davidson

Curator: Cavan Huang
date: November 14, 2012
Categories: Entertainment Design, Illustration, Information Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: animation, infographics, vector illustration
Irritable Bowl Syndrome

With the elections still fresh in our minds, I am reminded of a clever infographic animation by Fraser Davidson, which is based on an excerpt from Bill Maher’s book The New New Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody but Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass. Davidson, an accomplished UK motion designer, selected a particular Maher rant about football, socialism and politics as the foundation for his animation. Though he posted it earlier this year, it remains remarkably resonant and relevant.

In the same way that Maher’s diatribe is acerbically witty, sharply written and well-delivered, Davidson’s illustrations and animations are equally smart and provocative. His graphics, a mix of Constructivist and early Modernist sensibilities, work well as static compositions, even though most are designed to make purposeful transformations. In one scene, a bar chart on church attendance grows into a crucifix; in another scene, a tournament bracket rearranges into a standings chart. Given the subject matter, the piece could have easily become dry and academic. But skillful transitions—like the poor black teenager becoming a wealthy CEO—keep things playfully upbeat.

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