Katy Perry: Lil B

Curator: We Have Photoshop
date: May 13, 2014
Categories: Entertainment Design
The cover of Lil B's single “Katy Perry”

Lil B’s cover for his single “Katy Perry” (Did he do it himself? Did he hire someone?) manages to be both profoundly obnoxious and beautifully simple at the same time. A truly #Based and #Rare design.

  • Posthuman

    Beautifully simple?

  • Sam Teague

    I’m a fan of the simple yet beautifully raw design. It has character and I would check out the single based upon this design.

  • Reindeer

    Seriously, dude? This looks like it was drawn in MS Paint.

  • Licensed Driver

    almost got in a wreck

  • Working all the time

    Well, the only way I can see this as beautiful is if I read it as some sort of art, and what is saying is: look, I’ll just write some stuff in MS Paint, and because (I think) I am famous, everybody is going to dig it – and that is wrong, we shouldn’t look at design this way.
    But I think it is because he just really think he can get away with anything, and apparently he can.
    The problem is that, by doing that, he becomes what customers call: “the guy who just do a little drawing and charges a lot of money”, that we, serious designers are tired to battle against. In this case, the customer is right.

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