Kiva Confections Packaging Design Takes the Guesswork of Eating Marijuana for Dessert

Curator: Tina Hardison
date: February 27, 2015
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Packaging Design
Tags: identity, packaging design
Packaging design

With the the increase of legalization of marijuana in the states comes an increase of importance of communication design for cannabis products. Nathan Sharp and Jamie Lee do this beautifully with the identity and packaging design for Kiva Confections. 

On the packaging of these cannabis-infused chocolates is an educational breakdown of dosaging, taking the guessing game out of eating edibles. Design for the cannabis industry is still fairly uncharted territory. As more and more states legalize, the more designers have an opportunity to use their skills to educate users and elevate brand identities. Kiva Confections is a fine example of exactly just that. 

Design for Kiva Confections now continues under the guidance of MINE in San Francisco.
Packaging design

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