Lee Jeans’ “Never Wasted” Bag: Happy

Curator: Rule29
date: September 15, 2011
Categories: Advertising, Packaging Design
Tags: multi-use, Recyclable

Great packaging has always inspired us. One of our favs from 2010 was
Puma’s “no box” shoe packaging done by the fuseproject. I admired the spirit behind it, the excellent use of design and its commitment to waste reduction. But so far for 2011 our top vote has to be the bag created by Happy for Lee Jeans’ “Never Wasted” campaign.

It’s the first bag (aside from the Puma box) that I might actually go to a store in order to get—that, and my desire to serendipitously get the Chipotle Lorem Ipsum bag with my next round of tacos. I don’t own any Lee Jeans…yet, but if the bag was included….

The multiuse, ecofriendly design is its charm. The bag, which includes a board game, some dice, various envelopes, a calendar, etc., makes me want to put it on the table next to me while I’m eating my morning cereal so I can explore all that is there.

Form, function and fun all were combined to create an “enviable” bag design. If nothing else, it has made Lee Jeans stick in my mind for the first time and me desire to own a pair in real life. Or at the very least, walk into the store—which gets a high five from me.
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