Letterform Archive: preserving & serving letterform history

Curator: Jesse Ragan
date: April 17, 2015
Categories: Typography
Letterform Archive
A selection of samples from the archive

San Francisco-based Letterform Archive is a labor of love, making the history of letterforms more accessible than ever. Founder Rob Saunders has an expansive collection of typography and lettering—already over 13,000 objects, and still growing. The collection is gradually being imaged, using nuanced photographic techniques to capture details of surface texture, color, and context.

The organization ultimately plans to create an iPad app that will provide the optimal viewing experience of these images. For now, a growing collection of images can be viewed at LetterformArchive,org.

The archive also welcomes visitors, by appointment only. I need to start planning a trip to San Francisco so I can dig through this collection myself. In the meantime, as Saunders writes, “Nothing can replace that experience, but high fidelity imaging is certainly a step in the right direction.”

@LettArc (Twitter)
Letterform Archive office

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