Curator: Diana Hong
date: December 16, 2011
Categories: Entertainment Design, Environmental Design, Experience Design
Photo: Ryder Ripps
Taking an image intended to appeal to 800 million people out of context as both an ode and reflection of Facebook (Facebook Wall: Ryder Ripps)

Last week, I attended Art Basel Miami Beach, which has exploded in the last nine years. Beyond the main art fair, the entire city of Miami turns into a mecca for artists, designers and creative-minded people. The Wynwood Arts District of Miami in particular feels like a giant creative festival.

LikeArtBasel was a unique show in the Wynwood district, where the intent was to increase the exposure of internet- and technology-aware art. 

I spoke to one of the artists, Ryder Ripps, who shared this:

The show featured 12 artists, some of which have never sold work, others have exhibited in the Whitney Biennial, some are an artist’s conceived persona/avatar, while others are not avid internet users. Believing that art’s power is intrinsically social, LikeArtBasel is curated under the basis that an artist’s new found clout is measured in quantities of Facebook “Likes”—not Biennials.

The artists featured are as follows: Joey Card, Petra Cortright, Sterling Crispin, Nick DeMarco, Bea Fremderman, Rachel Lord, Will Neibergall, Ryder Ripps, Rafael Rozdendaal, Liz Rywelski, Zach Shipko and Ryan Trecartin.

Photo: Nick DeMarco
Considering the Spiritual Mind/Body Form/Function connections of medical technologies (Global Empathetic Neurofeedback Loop: Sterling Crispin)

Photo: Nick DeMarco
Angrybirds juxtaposed against Bob Ross style seascapes that were painted via torrent tutorial (Angry Bird Paintings 1-5: Rachel Lord)

Photo: Nick DeMarco
A vivid oil painting depicting an assortment of internet fetish imagery as viewed on an iPad in the foreground juxtaposed against an abstract impressionist painting in the background—acting as a mise-en-abyme commentary on the state of oil and the image (Hotdawg: Zach Shipko)

Photo: Nick DeMarco
Facebook Painting: Ryder Ripps

Photo: Nick DeMarco
Featuring stock certificates from .com companies that have dissolved (Stock: Ryder Ripps)

Photo: Nick DeMarco
Rafael Rozendaal offers his site for sale via a disconnected spray painted representation of the URL alongside a contract that he drafted (Domain For Sale: Rafael Rozendaal)

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