Man vs. Machine: Film4 Broadcast Rebrand

Curator: Erica Gorochow
date: November 19, 2014
Categories: Design in Film, Motion Graphics, Packaging Design
Tags: branding, Film, redesign

How do you visually distill cinema in 30 seconds? That brief sounds as enticing as it is daunting, but London-based studio Man vs. Machine crafted a supremely elegant solution to that challenge in their rebrand for the UK’s Film 4 network

The bumpers are a subtle homage to celluloid, a clever reminder that film’s technical magic is rooted in sequential frames that flash before our eyes. It’s the kind of deceptively simple idea that I always reach for, but rarely manage to grasp definitively. The art-directed references to famous movies are icing on the cake. Luckily for us, Man vs. Machine also published a making-of video. I was impressed to to see a healthy amount of in-camera trickery, especially regarding the stop-motion animated logo. Overall, this Film4 campaign was the best network rebrand I saw this year.

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