Martina Flor Sends Her Typographic "Letter Collections" via Snail Mail

Curator: Gemma O'Brien
date: August 19, 2014
Categories: Art, Typography
Tags: calligraphy, Typography
Martina Flor
Hola Amiga. A card for Nate Williams.

I first came to admire Martina Flor’s work when I discovered Lettering vs Calligraphy, a project she worked on with calligrapher Giusseupe Salerno. It continues to be a highly valuable resource that explains two distinct ways of crafting letterforms to new designers. Her latest side project, Letter Collections, features equally delightful letterforms, this time printed on postcards that she's sending to people around the world. 

Stemming from a desire to work less on commercial jobs (and motivated by this article about cultivating side projects), Flor has set out to design 100 postcards to send to admired creatives, family and strangers alike. Each card is unique and the language varies according to the recipient. She also documents the process from her preliminary sketches to the final design trip to the post office von her Instagram

Martina Flor
Posting the Salut card to the cyclists at Le Tour de France.

Martina Flor
Ouch! A card for Nick Sherman.

Martina Flor
Beautiful. A card for the artist's niece.

Martina Flor
Coffee and Cake. A card for Willa Gebbe

Martina Flor
Excellent. A card for Type Society.

If you’re not lucky enough to receive one of these beautiful creations via snail mail, you can still forward a digital version to your friends at the Letter Collections website. I just sent the “You Are Beautiful” card to my Mum and the “Ouch!” card to my ex-boyfriend.  

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