MTA Bus Time

Curator: Scott Stowell
date: October 18, 2012
Categories: Experience Design, Information Design
Tags: bus, Bus Time, clarity, Design for People, experience design, information design, MTA, New York, QR code, SMS, Staten Island, text message, transportation

One of the most helpful improvements to New York City since I’ve lived here is the addition of LED displays on subway platforms that tell you how long you’re going to wait for the next train. Even if their typography isn’t that great and they’re not always accurate (they usually are, though), having that extra bit of information helps lower the blood pressure of all New Yorkers. 

But New York has five boroughs, and the subway only goes to four of them. Now Staten Islanders can get their blood pressure lowered, too, thanks to MTA Bus Time—brought to my attention by Cat, one of our designers (and a Staten Islander herself). Bus Time uses GPS data to let you know how far away the next bus is whether you visit the MTA website, send a text message or scan a code at the bus stop.

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