Native Shoes

Curator: Brian Mah
date: June 19, 2014
Categories: Packaging Design

Native Shoes creates classic design silhouettes with the lightest, most comfortable materials. 

I remember when Crocs first came out. I actually bought a pair of pink ones for a friend as a joke because I thought they were the ugliest pair of shoes I had ever seen. Ironically, in the following months, I had heard a lot of friends and family discuss how lightweight, durable and comfortable the material was from a functional point of view. Native is a Canadian company who has created a diverse line of shoes, fabricated from an equally lightweight, yet extremely comfortable EVA material, but with much better designs and silhouettes. I was instantly drawn to their integration of functionality with a much better form. I particularly like the design of the “Miller” and would much rather see my relatives wearing these to the grocery store at 1am, then their pair of plastic clogs.

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