Oregon Ducks 2011 BCS Championship Uniform: Nike

Curator: OCD
date: August 25, 2011
Categories: Brand & Identity Design
Tags: BCS Championship, Football, Nike, OCD, Uniforms, University of Oregon

University of Oregon has an NCAA Division 1, Pacific-12 Conference football team. Their mascot is the Duck. Perhaps it’s the lame (duck) mascot that emboldened the athletic department to become one of the best and least traditional design clients in D1 football. Or maybe it’s the nearby Nike headquarters.

Nike outfitted Oregon for the 2011 BCS championship game. They created high-performance gear with high-performance graphic cues. The graphic system did a lot of heavy-lifting. It improved player performance. It made the University cooler. And it made clear Nike’s innovations in college football gear.


This isn’t the first time that Oregon has led the charge in uniform design, it isn’t even the flashiest uniform that they fielded during the 2011 season, but it's the biggest game, so it's the biggest deal. True, Oregon didn’t win, but they did flip the bird at opposing players with every catch.

We “envy” this project because it’s a big, aggressive graphic system that was strategically engineered and flawlessly executed to make the former “Webfoot State” cool—and to pimp some gear.

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