Ott and Stein for Edition RZ

Curator: Jett Butler
date: October 18, 2013
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Packaging Design, Typography
Edition RZ
Ott+Stein do Jakob Ullmann’s Fremde Zeit Addendum

Ott+Stein’s latest permutation and minimalist experiment for Edition RZ. 

There simply cannot be more than one relationship like this in the world: a small Berlin label releasing and reissuing obscure compositional works paired with a catalogue created by an aged-yet-experimental graphic design duo. 

Ott+Stein have been working since 1978. They operate from Berlin and they’re both educators, but their site hasn’t been updated in a few years and it’s hard to tell what else they’re working on outside of these permutations for Edition RZ

They don’t keep a high profile outside of Germany, nor in the blogosphere; these gents are in their late sixties, my friends, and still crushing it. 

This work for Robert Zank and his Berlin label is a master class in geometry, restraint, hue, negative space and iterative design. Their latest package for composer Jakob Ullmann continues the trend. 

Jakob Ullmann, Fremde Zeit Addendum

Giacinto Scelsi

Jani Christou

Morton Feldman

Jakon Ullmann, Voice, Books And FIRE

Jakon Ullmann, A Catalogue Of Sounds

Most of the work pictured here is taken from Boomkat, who (apparently) has the rights for British distribution via the web. 

The art is a perfect match for the dissonant, often aleatoric sounds you might expect from an Edition RZ release; many of these compositions were penned between the 1950s and 1970s by various European modern classical composers. 

*Herr Zank, if Herr Ott or Herr Stein decide to retire, please email us. Danke schoen. 
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