Owen: Jeff Rogers

Curator: Ryan Feerer
date: February 14, 2012
Categories: Illustration, Typography
Tags: font, Fun, hand-drawn, Jeff, quirky, Rogers, Type, Typography
Meet Owen, the font.

Nice hand-drawn type is hard to find these days. Most bore us with repeating letterforms and textures that totally suck the charm out of their human characteristics. I have been exhausted by the overuse of these through student projects and amateur work. I recently rediscovered YouWorkForThem and their library of beautifully designed hand-drawn type—and one in particular. Meet Jeff Rogers’ son, Owen, the font.

Texas-bred Jeff Rogers is a designer and illustrator now living in NYC. Jeff grew up loving both western and hand-drawn type. He would always use drawn fonts, but soon grew tired of their repeating letterforms and limitations. Jeff decided to challenge himself and created a wonderful family of western inspired hand-drawn type. After a lot of sweat and tears, Owen was born.

Owen is considerate in form and very versatile. The family consists of three to five variations of block letter sans and thin ornate inline with fun little swashes. I had a lot of fun playing around with these little puzzle pieces, and I think you would too. Use them by themselves or stack them for hundreds of fun variations.

Get Fresh–Type Specimen

Sometimes You Just Have To–Type Specimen

You can help Jeff pay his rent and buy this beautiful little font and a few others here. Check out some of Jeff’s other work here.
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