P L A N A H E A D: Madga Sayeg

Curator: Kelli Anderson
date: April 10, 2012
Categories: Experience Design, Typography
Tags: knitting, Magda Sayeg, street art
ᔥ Daniel Dunnam, thesoundsinmyhead.com
Video of the drive-by experience

I whiz by Magda Sayeg’s typographic knit-bombing installation, Plan Ahead, on my bike at least twice a day. I even rubbernecked quite a bit when her team was attaching the pre-knitted strips of color to fence posts beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. However, I admit that my appreciation of the work was cumulative. It took about four passes for me to grasp how truly ingenious it is. 

My thoughts (at 15 mph) went something like this:

Drive-by #1: Oh cool—they’re installing one of those knit-bombing things. That’s a lot of scarves! Wonder if they’ll get arrested…

Drive-by #2: Huh. Looks like they’re using the parallax-movement of passing traffic to make words on the fence. Neat trick.

Drive-by #3: Hmm—It says “PLANAHE AD” What the hell does that mean? Is it "PLAN AHEAD" with the A and D squished-in at the end? That’s kind of sloppy…

Drive-by #4: Holy WOW! This “PLAN AHEAD” appears to give advice it doesn’t follow, but they totally had to plan ahead to implement such a technically ambitious project. In fact, they’ve engineered this very moment of revelation in my brain!! 

ᔥ nbArt

ᔥ nbArt
Installing the knitted panels with zip ties

ᔥ nbArt

ᔥ nbArt

Super. Duper. Cool.

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