Book Covers for Harry Hole Series: Peter Mendelsund

Curator: David Sherwin
date: April 11, 2014
Categories: Book Design
Tags: books, mystery, series
Considering the usual requests made of a book designer, one of the most daunting challenges must be when you’re asked to design for a wildly popular, ongoing 10-book mystery series that has been translated into multiple languages. And yet Peter Mendelsund has done just that: an exceptional job for Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole detective crime series.
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Draw a Jelly: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Curator: David Sherwin
date: April 10, 2014
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: aquarium, interactive, marine science, Museum
I’m a sucker for the three “-ums”: museums, planetariums and aquariums. And there’s no aquarium west of the Mississippi I love more than the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Over the holidays, my wife and I drove down to visit it, and we were completely sucked into their jellyfish exhibit “The Jellies Experience” (’70s allusion intended). 
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Bonobo: Leif Podhajsky

Curator: David Sherwin
date: April 9, 2014
Categories: Package Design
Tags: LP design, music, Packaging
In today’s age of crunchy MP3-based digital music, I am still a sucker for beautifully designed box art. A well-designed CD or LP can still exist as a logical extension of a musician’s work, for those of us still addicted to the physical packaging. 
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Social Good Guides: Social Innovators Collective

Curator: David Sherwin
date: April 8, 2014
Categories: Book Design, Promotional Design & Advertising
Tags: book design, social entrepreneurship, social impact, social innovation, website design
I’ve been working in the social impact space for the past few years, and I’m often contacted by designers that want to understand what it takes to get into the space. There’s been a serious lack of resources to point them toward—until now. The Social Good Guides are a series of 20+ small-business guides created to support early stage social entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders and individuals working on social impact projects. The goal of the guides is to centralize general knowledge and equip change-makers with the essential skills a founder needs to be familiar with in order to achieve success during their startup year.
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Compartés Chocolates World and Infinite Dream Bars: Jonathan Grahm

Curator: David Sherwin
date: April 7, 2014
Categories: Illustration, Package Design
Tags: Chocolate, dessert, food, Packaging
“You have to try this chocolate,” my co-worker said, pointing me to a dark chocolate bar sitting on her desk. This happens frequently. Friends know me as a chocolate aficionado, and when I travel the world for work or pleasure, I’m always dropping by local chocolatiers to sample their products. My pantry at home always has five to six bars from various producers, which are slowly nibbled at after dinner. But this dark chocolate bar was different. Not just because this Compartés chocolate bar was a decadent mix of dark chocolate, peanut butter, honey and sea salt—one of the best in this genre I’d tasted in some time. It was because of the striking, artistically rendered package.
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