English is Not Easy: Luci Gutiérrez

Curator: Sara Frisk
date: January 20, 2014
Categories: Book Design, Editorial Design, Illustration, Information Design, Typographic Design
I stumbled upon this book during a recent trip to Barcelona. Growing up, my mother was a speech pathologist, which meant that the rules of grammar, spelling, syntax and vocabulary were right up there with brushing your teeth and making your bed. I regret to admit that I don’t speak Spanish (and certainly not a lick of Catalan), so perhaps I was well-primed with the notion of how arduous a second language can be.
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The First Codex—China Wooden Movable Type Printing

Curator: Adam Wong
date: December 2, 2013
Categories: Book Design, Typographic Design
The First Codex—Chinese Wooden Movable Type Printing is an independent magazine that focuses on and records endangered Chinese folk culture and handicraft. The first edition of the magazine introduces the wooden movable type printing (a printing skill that carves a single Chinese character on a piece of wood, and then lines up the wooden characters as required to print books) that originated in Zhejiang Province, China. The magazine elaborates on the origin of traditional printing, detailed printing procedures, different kinds of movable type printing techniques, genealogy history, appreciation of genealogy and movable type printing.
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Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec: Drawing

Curator: ETC
date: November 12, 2013
Categories: Book Design
Tags: Cornel Windlin, Joseph Churchward, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Surprisingly, it’s not that easy to find a great book that’s also beautifully designed. One tip is to search for a project designed by Cornel Windlin. The design is always great, of course, but so is the content, the image edit and the entire execution—the book object. Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec: Drawing is one of those rare finds, featuring the meticulously archived journals of the duo’s near decade’s worth of drawings. 

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Glory Glory: Nick Blakeman, Alex Brown and Craig Oldham

Curator: Vince Frost
date: September 20, 2013
Categories: Book Design, Typographic Design

Glory Glory” is an exhibition and book of large format typographic posters based on football chants. London-based designers Nick Blakeman, Alex Brown and Craig Oldham curated the exhibition, which took place last month in East London.

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Unfolded: Scheltens & Abbenes

Curator: Elina Asanti
date: September 11, 2013
Categories: Book Design, Experience Design
Tags: Scheltens & Abbenes
Designed to accompany a show of Scheltens & Abbenes’ work at Museum Jan Cunen in Oss, The Netherlands, Unfolded recreates the physical experience of walking through the exhibition via renderings. 
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