"Brainz Power," More Droolworthy Illustration By Craig & Karl

Curator: Simon Endres
date: February 13, 2015
Categories: Art, Illustration, Poster Design

The work by Craig & Karl just makes me happy—both emotionally and intellectually. This "Brainz Power" illustration is a somewhat abstract depiction of something bodily, blobby, and gross but through visual dexterity and humor they've been able to turn grey matter into a writhing ball of funkiness.

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Linda Linko's Branding and Illustrations for Pastor Restaurant

Curator: Lotta Nieminen
date: November 26, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Illustration
Tags: Lettering, signage

This branding from the desk of Finnish designer and illustrator Linda Linko for the Helsinki based restaurant Pastor is such a joyful combination of illustration and design that it has to bring a smile on your face!

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CRCR's Envy-Inducing Tumblr

Curator: Erica Gorochow
date: November 21, 2014
Categories: Art, Design in Film, Illustration
Tags: animation, illustration

Do you ever look at something and just think: sigh. French collective CRCR’s has a tumblr  chock full of enough production gifs, illustrations, and doodles to keep me humble. This stuff is pure cool. Happy Friday!

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Why I've Watched UPA's "Gerald McBoing Boing" 100+ Times

Curator: Erica Gorochow
date: November 17, 2014
Categories: Design in Film, Entertainment Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Tags: animation, drawing

Like many working in animation today, I grew up obsessively drawing cartoons. It wasn’t until college, however, that I was introduced to the rebels at UPA

Working in a style that came to be known as “limited animation,” UPA was formed in conscious contrast to Disney’s perfectionism. Their films embraced applying design to animation in wildly interpretive ways. So much of their language laid the foundation for the future field of motion graphics.

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Archangels Bicycle Playing Cards Illustrated by Ginger Monkey

Curator: TypeEd
date: November 12, 2014
Categories: Illustration, Packaging Design, Typography
Tags: illustration
One day we went on an Internet shopping spree for objects adorned with whatever caught our eye. We ended up with eight decks of playing cards from Theory11 and three T-shirts from Hook & Irons. When the packages arrived, we realized we had just gotten an eye-popping shipment of Tom Lane’s fascinating artwork.
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