Gemma Tickle's Inspiring Art Direction

Curator: Verònica Fuerte
date: April 6, 2015
Categories: Photography
Tags: Photography, set design
Gemma Tickle

When I see Gemma Tickle’s set design work I always think I'd like to do this. She creates ideas that are inspired by everyday objects, takes them out of context and makes a new little universe with them.

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The Consistently Amazing Work by Toilet Paper Magazine's Pierpaolo Ferrari

Curator: Rev. Fredrik Öst IV
date: March 19, 2015
Categories: Art, Book & Magazine Design, Photography
We have a hard time describing Pierpaolo Ferrari and his work. It's provocative, engaging, daring, dirty, clean, bold, colorful, and mad. From his own website to the infamous Toilet Paper Magazine, it's all genius. Ferrari is a great photographer and artist.
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Henry Hargreaves' "Gingerbread and Candy" Art Galleries

Curator: Simon Endres
date: February 11, 2015
Categories: Architecture, Art, Photography, Typography
Artist (and fellow Kiwi) Henry Hargreaves collaborated with Caitlin Levin last year to recreate some of the world's most iconic art galleries constructed entirely from gingerbread and candy.
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Sattelite Lab "Freeze" Time to Push Image Making Into New Territory

Curator: Simon Endres
date: February 9, 2015
Categories: Art, Experience Design, Photography
Using high-speed cameras to freeze a moment in time, Carlo Van De Roer and his partners Stuart Rutherford and Matias Corea at Satellite Lab have been exploring the possibilities of moving light sources around in real-time within that frozen scene. 

Movement of the objects and the light source can be controlled independently creating a new way to describe objects in space and time, paving the way for a new kind of visual storytelling.
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Perceiving the 2D with Artist Erin O'Keefe

Curator: Hayley Eichenbaum
date: December 19, 2014
Categories: Art, Photography

Erin O’Keefe’s background as an architect has certainly informed her smart and graphic series "The Flatness." O’Keefe explores the perceptual flattening of the still-life environments she creates out of painted plywood boards, prints of Photoshop gradient patterns, and photographs. As she photographs each still-life, a veil of distortion is created through the camera’s translation of a 3D form into a 2D image.

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