Superkilen: Topotek 1, BIG Architects and Superflex

Curator: Manuel Miranda
date: June 9, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design
Tags: Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhagen, participatory design, Superflex, Topotek1, Urban parks

Superkilen is a public park in Copenhagen that was designed by a project team consisting of arts group Superflex, landscape architecture firm Topotek 1, and architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group. The project team also involved local community members with the design process.

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Kiehl’s Brooklyn: Jon Contino

Curator: Dan Rhatigan
date: May 8, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design, Illustration, Typography
Jon Contino—self-proclaimed Alphastructaesthetitologist—is one on my favorite lettering artists working today. His style sits in a space somewhere in the middle of calligraphy, typography, sign painting and graffiti, and has tons of energy and warmth to it.
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Letterlab: Strange Attractors

Curator: Sara Frisk
date: January 24, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design, Experience Design, Illustration, Information Design, Typography
Tags: catelijne van middelkoop, graphic design museum, Letterlab, MOTI, ryan pescatore frisk, strange attractors
I’ve wandered through the week celebrating family on various levels—some connected by blood, some connected by design. In the spirit of a true finale, my last piece of Design Envy inspiration is an explosion of the two. Letterlab, a children’s exhibition at the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, was concepted and designed by Strange Attractors, a small studio in Rotterdam founded by Ryan Pescatore Frisk and Catelijne van Middelkoop—my little brother and his amazing wife.   
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Picture: Plural

Curator: Sara Frisk
date: January 23, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design, Experience Design, Illustration, Typography
Tags: Andy Warhol, chicago design museum, jeremiah chiu, plural, renata graw, tanner woodford
This is one of my favorite pieces from last year’s Chicago Design Museum exhibition, designed by Renata Graw and Jeremiah Chiu of Plural. Its flawless black-and-white line work spanned 14 feet, drawing people into it from every angle and luring an uncanny number of black-and-white striped designers into its hipster camouflage. 
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Container Classroom: Studio H

Curator: Firebelly Design
date: December 11, 2013
Categories: Environmental Design, Experience Design
Tags: collaboration, construction, education
“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead

Throughout this week on Design Envy, each of our posts will feature an aspect that we value greatly within our studio. Today’s post speaks to collaboration.
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