Artist Aakash Nihalani "Skewers" His Subjects with Bold, Graphic Forms

Curator: Jennette Snape
date: August 8, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design, Experience Design, Illustration
Tags: art
New York artist Aakash Nihalani (AA) has been "skewering" his subjects in Brooklyn as part of a new series of work called "Landline." 

Working with bold isometric forms created from bright neon tape, AA transforms outdoor spaces (and often people) into playful installations. 
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Gridlock by Philippe Malouin for Roll & Hill

Curator: Alex Mustonen
date: July 21, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design, Product Design
Tags: Lighting, product design
When we worked with Roll & Hill to design their exhibition for ICFF in May, I got to see one of the early prototypes from the Gridlock lighting collection at their shop, and I was really impressed. These pieces are incredibly intricate, yet with just a single bulb at the center they're incredibly simple, too. There's also a nice relationship between the industrial aspect of the structural grid and the ancient form of the stepped pyramid. It's another example of a piece that really transforms when you see it in person depending on how the light reflects and diffuses through it.
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Field Experiments Goes to Bali to Pair Designers with Local Craftspeople—and Gets Some Surprising Results

Curator: Leta Sobierajski
date: July 10, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design, Product Design, Sustainable Design
Tags: collaboration, Design, experimental, Stefan Sagmeister, Travel

Misteur Valaire - Interlude by Field Experiments from Karim Zariffa on Vimeo.

Field Experiments is an ongoing research and development project, comprised of Benjamin Harrison Bryant (New York City, United States), Paul Marcus Fuog (Melbourne, Australia) and Karim Charlebois-Zariffa (Montreal, Canada), that explores traditional crafts by pairing designers with local craftspeople in diverse regions around the world. So far these experiments have yielded furniture, clothing, videos, publications, exhibitions, interiors, installation and printed materials.

I recently met some of these guys at Sight Unseen’s Offsite exhibition during New York Design Week (in May of this year) and I can honestly say that they're doing some of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. 
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New Business: Yale Graphic Design MFA Thesis Show 2014

Curator: Manuel Miranda
date: June 13, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design
Tags: Graduation Shows, graphic design, Vinyl, Yale, Yale MFA
New Business is Yale School of Art’s 2014 Graphic Design MFA Thesis show, which was on view April 29–May 8 in New Haven, CT. Aside from each student’s printed thesis book, a takeaway catalogue and minimal seating, the entire show was rendered with adhesive vinyl. 
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Hollister Co. Flagship SoHo: Hollister Co. with Meyers and Associates Architecture

Curator: Manuel Miranda
date: June 12, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Environmental Design, Experience Design

Made up of over 150 monitors, the video installation at Hollister’s New York City flagship store transmits a live feed from Huntington Beach Pier in California to the middle of Soho.

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