The Grand Budapest Hotel poster: Annie Atkins

Curator: Sam’s Myth
date: March 28, 2014
Categories: Design for Entertaining, Typographic Design
Tags: annie atkins, Movie posters, the grand budapest hotel, Typography, Wes Anderson

Irish designer Annie Atkins lived up (and then some) to the monumental dream assignment of handling the graphic design elements for Wes Anderson’s latest feature film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, including this theatrical poster and its custom title treatment. 

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Coloring Sheet: Crowded Teeth

Curator: Sam’s Myth
date: March 27, 2014
Categories: Illustration
Tags: coloring, crowded teeth, kawaii, michelle romo

Crowded Teeth is the alias of illustrator and designer Michelle Romo. Here’s a fun coloring sheet Michelle made featuring a cast of her signature characters and imagery—all in a giant (and dapper) mushroom head.

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December zine: Eleni Kalorkoti

Curator: Sam’s Myth
date: March 26, 2014
Categories: Illustration
Tags: Eleni Kalorkoti, illustration

Eleni Kalorkoti did what a lot of us think about doing but don’t actually do—cranked out an ongoing personal project for an entire year. Her monthly zines seemingly coalesce thoughts, ideas and tidbits from her life and mind into an ever-changing graphic diary of sorts that you can buy and collect, each month having its own sort of feeling or theme. 

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Anna Kövecses

Curator: Sam’s Myth
date: March 25, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Systems Design, Illustration
Tags: Alphabet, Anna Kövecses, illustration

I adore the professional and personal projects of Anna Kövecses, a Hungarian designer working in Cyprus, such as the illustrations for the BBC’s “500 Words” story-writing competition seen above and below. Anna’s colorful and iconic illustration style retains a flatness that I love, defying the clichéd demand of art directors everywhere: “more depth.”

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We Buy Your Kids

Curator: Sam’s Myth
date: March 24, 2014
Categories: Design for Entertaining, Illustration, Promotional Design & Advertising
Tags: Design, illustration, Movie posters, wbyk, we buy your kids
Among my favorite artists working in the design world today are Webuyyourkids, the alias of Australian design partners Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney. Their iconic illustration style has adorned countless tour posters and album covers, and most recently, the walls of Austin’s Mondo Gallery—with their own show of silkscreened film posters.
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