What Happens When Photographer Bob Martus Shows Up at a Bike Rally?

Curator: Michael Freimuth
date: July 30, 2014
Categories: Photography
Tags: art, bicycles, Photography
Bob Martus is hitting his prime—and I think everyone can tell. The Detroit-born, New York-based photographer just is his work. Not that he’s a workaholic (he likes his rosé way too much), but he’s got a definitive style you can read as soon as you meet him, and it comes through in his image-making.
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Artist Michael Gaughan Paints Farting Turtles (and More)

Curator: Patrick Richardson
date: July 29, 2014
Categories: Illustration
Tags: art, painting
As a kid, my only experience of watercolor painting was what I like to refer to as "Mom Art"—floral still-life paintings and serene landscapes I viewed in small Midwestern resort town galleries. I wasn't what you'd call a fan of the medium. 

And then I saw Michael Gaughan's (definitely not in one of those afore-mentioned galleries). An extraordinary talent with a keen sense of humor, he's my kind of artist.
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Meet Waldi, the First Olympic Mascot

Curator: Patrick Richardson
date: July 28, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design
Tags: dogs, Olympics, sports

I want to use this post to extoll the virtues of my dachshund Buster, who's absolutely incredible, but it was suggested to me that I at least make an attempt to relate this to design. That said, in my post-rationalization research I learned that the very first official Olympic mascot was a predecessor of my dear friend. Meet Waldi, the face (and elongated body) of the 1972 Munich Summer Olympic Games. 

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Why No Instagrams Allowed Made "This Is Competition" by Tino Sehgal the Best Thing at Art Basel

Curator: Alex Mustonen
date: July 25, 2014
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: architecture, art, Basel, Herzog & de Meuron, Tino Sehgal
The best thing at Art Basel this June was an empty room containing a piece by Tino Sehgal called "This Is Competition." Two gallerists representing Sehgal stand and introduce themselves as well as the work, which involves discussing, re-enacting and ostensibly selling past works by the artist. 

The brilliant and entrancing aspect of the performance is that the gallerists speak by saying single, alternating words with each other in an ongoing, improvised speech that's also a choreographed, cooperative monologue and a lilting, competitive dialogue. 

Sehgal's work is immaterial and impressively undocumented. This piece and his portrait are represented only as empty grey boxes without descriptions in the official materials for the exhibition. The very fact that "This Is Competition" can't be photographed and shared via Instagram made it an indelibly memorable moment.

The empty room in question was one of 14 in the "14 Rooms" exhibition curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach, which was a powerful experience. The show's success was in part determined by the architectural environment designed by Herzog & de Meuron. A freestanding box within Hall 3 of Messe Basel, the interior contained a massive corridor with mirrored walls at either end. Along each side of the corridor were seven mirrored doors, each with a unique, sculptural wood handle. Only by opening the door and entering the room would you discover what was occurring within--an experience a little like playing "Let's Make A Deal" in a hall of mirrors.
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Various Keytags by Various Projects Brings Me Back to a Simpler Time in CNC Milling

Curator: Alex Mustonen
date: July 24, 2014
Categories: Product Design
Tags: product design
My first introduction to any kind of digital fabrication was through my 7th grade tech ed class. One of our assignments (CAD/CAM technology) was to make a desk name plate by typing our name into a computer and watching it magically appear in a single-line font CNC milled into a piece of colored plastic. I'm glad to see Various Projects bringing it back in a smart, playful way with their Various Keytags. It's a simple concept, successfully realized.

Their pigeon is still one my favorites.

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