Reasons to Read the Latest Tidal Magazine

Curator: Chris Rubino
date: July 17, 2014
Categories: Book & Magazine Design
Tags: art direction, chris rubino, Design, Magazine
Tidal magazine, a recent effort from designer and art director Mike Perry and photographer Anna Wolf, focuses on fashion, lifestyle and culture, and mixes New York sensibilities with a laid-back So-Cal vibe. It’s a place where you can see something beautiful on every page: fashion that’s approachable, entertaining stories that are fun and not too precious, and celebrity profiles that make you feel like you’re reading an interview with a friend. And there’s also a hint of the mystical, ’cause that’s how they roll.

You can buy the latest copy here.
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See Josh Cochran's New York Inside and Out

Curator: Chris Rubino
date: July 16, 2014
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Illustration
Tags: books, chris rubino, Design, illustration
See New York unfold in this stunning new book from Josh Cochran, a series of double-sided wall charts that open out to more than two and a half feet. Take a stroll past iconic buildings and spot more than 80 objects in a compelling game of "search and find." Then flip the chart over to see cutaways that reveal the hidden city behind the scenes. 

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The Best Book in the World by Rilla Alexander

Curator: Chris Rubino
date: July 15, 2014
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Illustration
Tags: books, chris rubino, Design
The Best Book in the World is an ode to reading and a celebration of books so good you don’t want to put them down. Rilla’s alter-ego Sozi travels the world engrossed in her book, seemingly oblivious to everything going on around her.

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Black Bananas' Must-Watch Music Video

Curator: Chris Rubino
date: July 14, 2014
Categories: Design in Music, Motion Graphics
Tags: chris rubino, motion graphics, music video
The Black Bananas "Physical Emotions" video comes out of director (and alt-cartoonist) M. Wartella's Brooklyn-based studio, Dream Factory Animation. Dripping with neon, the clip for Drag City recording artist Black Bananas features legendary robot-dancer Flat Top (who's featured in the original Tiffany "I Think We're Alone Now" video). That's old skool! The track is the first single off "Electric Brick Wall", which was released on June 25th.
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Patatap: a New Portable Animation and Sound App for Making Musical Graphics Anywhere

Curator: Leta Sobierajski
date: July 11, 2014
Categories: Design in Music, Entertainment Design, Experience Design
Tags: App, Design, mobile, music, user experience
Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit created by Jono Brandel and Lullatone. The concept is incredibly simple: press a key on your keyboard, and a colorful animation appears on your screen. There are different color palettes, each with their own unique set of sounds, that resemble a visual drum pad with versatile melodies and colorful geometric graphics. Even better, Patatapis now an iOS app, so you can create music even if you aren’t at your computer.

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