Patterned by Nature

Curator: Ryan Hovenweep
date: October 21, 2013
Categories: Environmental Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: digital installation, sculpture, Sosolimited
Installation view of Patterned by Nature

An installation for the Nature Research Center at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh where tiles of glass shift between transparent and opaque to create organic patterns extending across a 90-foot ribbon though the lobby.

I’m drawn to this Sosolimited project by the beautiful duality between the crisp, rigid pixels and the fluid, organic animations. To me it represents a continuing desire to naturalize our relationship to technology and welcome in patterns from nature while remaining true and authentic to the digital medium. 

It’s nice to see a design that exits the paradigm of the anamorphic screen (monitor, tablet, phone, projection) and takes shape as a fluid architectural element that seamlessly lives in the space. On top of all of that, it shifts between the translucent and the opaque to invite the environment surrounding the work into the piece. 

Video description

Close-up installation view

Installation view

Installation view

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