Pedal Hopping With Mike Davis From Burlesque of North America

Curator: Aaron Draplin
date: July 17, 2013
Categories: Entertainment Design, Illustration, Typography
“Baroness Tour Poster III” by Mike Davis (© 2013 Burlesque North America)

One of my resolutions from too many recent New Year’s Eves is to slow my whole mess down some. I work. Hard. A lot. Facts are stubborn things. And I’m trying. I’m trying to work less, and spend time on the stuff that I’ve been overlooking in my life. And I’m ashamed to say my guitars have been getting the shitty end of the stick.

So I’ve been playing more guitar each day. I bought a couple new Fender Jazzmasters—one for the shop and one for the house. And effects pedals. I’ve been buying a new guitar pedal each week all summer long. Flangers, big muffs, distortion, tremolo, chorus, heavy metal crunchers and this one creepy Electro-Harmonix contraption called the “Frequency Analyzer.” With a couple turns of the knobs, the thing sounds like an alien chewing on tinfoil entering the atmosphere. Weird.

And in early June our buddy Mike Davis of Burlesque of North America sent me his latest print for the heavy metal singing act, Baroness. We love Mike Davis, and we love Baroness—and how the hell did he know we love guitar pedals? Sometimes life rips. Thank you, Mike Davis.

Look at all those knobs, buttons, inputs and outputs! I just want to click ’em all.

Get a copy of this print here, and TURN IT UP!

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